Bicycling in and around Atlanta.

Thursday, May 04, 2006


It’s that time of year again as temperatures rise cycling inevitably leads perspiration.  So how do you cope when your morning commute leaves you looking like you just ran the marathon?  Some people are lucky enough to have showers at their work; these of course are the best option allowing you to cool off and clean up at the same time.  If showers aren’t available you’ll probably be surprised how well baby wipes work.  Running a baby wipe over the back of the neck, the small of your neck, your groin area, and your armpits leaves you feeling almost as refreshed as a shower.  When I first started commuting I packed a small baggie with a wet wash cloth and an ice cube.  When I arrived I would cool and clean myself with the cloth.  It was a great low cost solution for dealing with sweat.  Finally there are those little bottles of hand sanitizers.  I keep one in my desk drawer for use in a pinch.  These often contain alcohol so they can cool you off but too much may dry your skin.  Hand sanitizers are great for cooling off after running out for lunch.  The cooling provided by the evaporation of the alcohol feels great after being under the midday sun. 



If you ride in Atlanta anytime after April you’re going to sweat but with proper planning it’s not an obstacle to bicycle commuting.


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