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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

MIA: Atlanta Bike Racks

Every time I ride to the nearest branch of the library I'm greeted by a truly rare site, a bike rack.  Five years ago Creative Loafing ran this article about Atlanta's bike rack debacle.  While the situation has improved it still needs to be better.  What can we do?  The most important thing is to encourage the use of bikes as transportation.  More bikes on the road means more bike arriving at local businesses.  When businesses see their customers arriving by bike they’ll be more willing to listen to requests for bicycle accommodations.


As a public service I’ll start reporting which places have bike racks and where there really should be one.


The first list:

REI Perimeter (retail shopping):  Bike rack capable Capacity 3 bikes.

2300 Wildwood (office building): Bike rack Capacity 2 bikes.

Cobb County Library Vinings Branch: Old fashioned wheel bender type bike rack.  Capacity 5 bikes

Cobb County Library Main Branch Marietta: 2 Old fashioned wheel bender type bike racks. Capacity 10 bikes

Midtown Place (retail shopping): Several old fashioned wheel bender type bike racks.  Capacity over 20 bikes.


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