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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Backpacks, Messenger Bags, and Panniers

When I first started riding to work I threw all of my clothes in a backpack, the result was a very wet back when I arrived at my destination.  Then I switched to a messenger style bag which left a smaller but still very noticeable wet spot on my back.  Finally I wised up and bought a rack and some panniers.  Atlanta like most of the south tends to be hot and humid in the summer and while backpacks and messenger bags are convenient they can make riding downright uncomfortable.  Panniers while less convenient than either a backpack or messenger bags let you ride longer and more comfortably.  If you’re interested in trying panniers but don’t want to spend a lot of money check ebay for a second-hand set.

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John said...

Here in Savannah, the heat and humidity is even worse. I use Nashbar's "Townie" grocery bag panniers. They are sometimes on sale for as little as $14 each. I like them because of their carrying capacity and because they are easy to take on and off the bike (I don't dare leave them on for fear of theft). Another bonus, not advertised on the Nashbar site are the rain covers, that are stowed in zippered compartments on the bottom of the panniers.