Bicycling in and around Atlanta.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Weekend Roundup: Home Depot, Sunscreen, Kids, and Columns Drive

This weekend was pretty active riding wise.  I had to run several errands on the bike including a trip to Home Depot in Vinings where there was no bike rack so I wound up cabling my bike to one of their prefabricated children’s area thingajig.  After that I decided to take my youngest out to work on her street riding skills we cruised around area roads before cutting through Cochran Shoals over to Columns Drive.  Much to my surprise I found that the bike lanes on Columns have been expanded.  Previously these “bike lanes” had been too narrow for even one bike now they resemble the kind of nice bike lane you find in more progressive cities.  Oh yeah, remember it’s Georgia and it’s summer if you forget to put on sunscreen you’ll burn.  Trust me I speak from experience.


Matt said...

Hi, I don't mean to state the blindingly obvious or anything, but one bit of advice I have with riding with the kids is to ride behind them. That way you can see what's coming, bellow instructions, etc. Whenever I ride in front, I find myself always looking around, peering in the mirrors, unable to communicate effectively, etc. You've probably already figured this out, but it's worth nothing for newer kid-cycling parents.

Evan said...

Great advice. We actually took a little ride yesterday and the only time it got hairy was when she fell behind me in a turn and merge and a car passed too close. Luckily she's already learned to yell idiot driver. By the way Matt your tour with your kids was a great story.