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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How I Nearly Killed a Cyclist

Saturday night I was driving the family to Fox Brothers for some delicious BBQ, when a cyclist comes through a red light to make a left hand turn not 10 feet in front of me. Now I was pleased as punch to see so many cyclists but I was less pleased by some of the recklessness I saw, including someone coming full speed off of 14th street and heading south on Piedmont against one way traffic.

And that's my old man rant of the day.


B. Beck said...

The faster mustache 24 was responsible for the wrong way down Piedmont.

It was lucky no one died during the race.

ha1ku said...

Allow me to join the rant (because you know how misery loves company haha).

After having witnessed someone run a red in Athens yesterday (where I live), and recent news of a death in South Carolina (where I'm from), I feel compelled to speak my mind on this as well. We cyclists really love to rag on those awful motorists, but it is imperative that we walk the walk: If want to be treated as another vehicle on the road, we have to bear the same rights *and* responsibilities.

Mr. Beck: Have you brought your concerns to the FM24 organizers? I am considering doing the race next year, but if they're going to pull those shenanigans, forget it.

B. Beck said...


I did not voice my concerns about those shenanigans because I feel that the organizers specifically voiced their opinions about following all traffic rules. Therefore, they cannot control the individual cyclists. I know that wrong way down Piedmont was a very effective strategy that was implemented by every team.

That to say, I had a wonderful time doing the race and will do it again next year. You should too!