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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Good Idea/Bad Idea

A special thanks to B. Beck who explained that the Faster Mustache 24 was responsible for the wrong way riders on Piedmont. And while I approve of the FM24 as a great idea at a great time of year, I think the wrong way riders should get the equivalent a stern lecture from all of us who know better.

As a commuter I've seen dozens if not hundreds of wrong way riders on my commute over the years and when possible I've told them about the proper way to ride. But if we in the larger cycling community can't follow the rules what hope is there of getting a casual rider to?

So for the record FM24 good.

Wrong way riding bad.


Jett said...

I get asked to bring a team to FM24 each year, and I have to refuse because I don't ride like that.

Perhaps there should be Courteous FM24 team a la Courteous Mass: (

ckdake said...

The official route did follow all traffic laws including going the proper direction on all one-way streets and plenty of people did follow the route, but as always, there are people that don't follow the laws. Its a terribly difficult thing to enforce!