Bicycling in and around Atlanta.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Walking with Shortwave

Along with cycling I enjoy a good walk. Of course the sidewalks
around here are littered with trash and broken glass, making it
hazardous for my little dog. Until a few years ago we didn't have
sidewalks so I suppose I should count my blessings. What surprises
me is that some of the same hostility I get while bicycling is also
directed at me when walking. I've had garbage thrown and horns
honked along with the usual screams of get a car or something, I
can't really hear them when they're passing at 40 mph. So what's the
deal is a car the only acceptable way to get around Atlanta?

About 12 years ago my wife bought me a small portable shortwave radio
for Christmas. I've been hooked every since. Shortwave brings me
news and entertainment from all over the world. The value of getting
news from another nations perspective is incredible. CNN/Fox and the
rest don't tend to be critical of US policy but Radio Havana sure
is. In fact shortwave's coverage of international news is far
superior to anything you'll get on the US airwaves. Broadcasts range
from the silly, "did you know that Princess Maxima of the Netherlands
is pregnant," to the profound, "Somalis resist the takeover of their
town by the Council of Islamic Courts." So if you're interested in
getting a new perspective on the news check it out.

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John said...

I second your opinion of shortwave. You might enjoy a series by "The Professor"on the WFMU blog. Lots of great information on SW and AM DX listening: