Bicycling in and around Atlanta.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Road Treasures

One of the things about bike commuting is that you’re much more aware of the junk on the road than you would be in a car.  This inevitably leads to the discovery of what I call Road Treasures.  Some are accidental losses others are deliberately discarded but it’s always weird to find something in perfect condition lying in the gutter.  


Here’s a list of some the things I’ve found over the years:

Numerous wrenches


An unopened pack of clothes hangers

A wallet (returned to owner)

A photo album (never claimed)

A homemade CD of a live reggae performance

An IDE hard drive

A videotape with contents not fit for a family blog

An estwing hammer

A diaper bag full of used diapers (eww)

And best of all

A spoke wrench no doubt lost by a fellow bicyclist.


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