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Monday, April 13, 2009


Last night after Easter Dinner, me the kids, and the inlaws were playing a little ball. I hit a dribbling line drive toward 2nd and took off toward first base. That's when my non-athletic daughter decided she was going to try and tag me out. So I had the choice of bowling her over or stopping short. I stopped, or at least I tried to stop that's when bad things happened. My ankle was nice and swollen but had subsided somewhat by this morning.

Rather than push my luck I did the long drive to work this morning in the rain. People ask how you can bike to work, I want to know how you can drive. It was awful, rain, traffic, accidents. I was more tired when I got to work than when I left home.


idahorider said...

Blew my knee out in march. I'm not sure when I will be back on the bike. Driving to work sucks!

idahorider said...
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The Old Bag said...

Agreed! Driving just isn't relaxing and introspective, and getting home at the end of the day is oddly different.