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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Big Creek Greenway

Lately I've spent my lunches riding along the Big Creek Greenway. I can't tell you what a wonderful little ride this is. Sure it's your typical MUP, some bicycles, some joggers, some kids, but what makes the Greenway so special is its environment. There are few places in metro-Atlanta where you can ride through an honest to goodness wetland, but this is one. This ride should serve as a reminder of how crucial wetlands are. Of course years ago some one decided that a major sewer line should follow Big Creek, as a result on rainy days the unmistakable stench of waste fills the air.

Still it's a nice ride. Like sailing I think bicycle touring and commuting makes people into environmentalists, and that's a good thing.

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mappchik said...

Ooh! I'd completely forgotten about Big Creek. I need to go up there with my daughter on the trail-a-bike before the rising temps take the smell up to the next level. Thanks for the reminder!