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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sunday Errands By Bike

It's Sunday which means groceries. Then there was the ride to Home Depot to get some keys made and price plywood. Unlike Jett my Home Depot has no bike racks to the old gray mule wound up locked to a rental concrete mixer. Then a meandering ride back home.

I think I saw some guys from Atlanta Cycling but they were going way to fast for me to catch. Besides nothing would look more ridiculous than a bunch of lycra glad guys on road bikes followed by me on the commuter with panniers stuffed.


mappchik said...

If you & your groceries had caught up with the lycra clad guys on road bikes, it would not have been at all ridiculous. It would have been time for chest thumping and a bit of a bragfest.

Heck, have the bragfest anyway, just for grocery shopping by bike.

Jett said...

During the summer months, there's a fast group ride on Wednesdays that I sometimes let pull me along. A stretch of their route happens to coincide with one of my favorite rides home after work.

One day I was coming home dressed in business casual with the panniers fully loaded at the intersection where our routes would overlap and it occurred to me that the group should have been coming through about that time. Sure enough, just after the light changed, they swept me up.

It was rough keeping up for the two miles I rode with them, but we all got a big laugh.