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Monday, March 26, 2007

The Pollen Bowl

If you're not from Atlanta it's really hard to imagine how bad the pollen is. Imagine the dust bowl of John Ford's films only yellow. When you're out riding your can see plumes of the stuff blowing off the trees. Everything is covered in a fine yellow dust and the horizon is obscured by billowing clouds of plant love.

If you can't tell, I'm not a fan.


A Midnight Rider said...

My son who lives in Atlanta called Sunday and said he could not leave the house because of his allergies.

Saturday he spent most of the afternoong playing "bee tennis", with the carpenter bees..

Tim Grahl said...

Haha... that brings back some memories. I grew up south of Atlanta until I went to college and will never forget the fine yellow mist that covers everything...

Jett said...

Evan, how astute of you to mention one of Atlanta's distinguishing characteristics. With all those trees, there's going to be lots of pollen.

I've posted a link to your site where I describe tracking the number of cyclists. You can count the tracks left in the pollen.

Midnight Rider, my 10-year-old uses the tennis racket for the same thing, only we call it "population management". For years my carport and deck have provided housing. Now my Carolina Jasmine provides food as well. Carpenter Bee B&B.

sue said...