Bicycling in and around Atlanta.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Neither Rain nor Dark of Night

We’re having our first cool fall rain of the season.  I would like to think cool weather is here to stay but I’ve got a sneaking feeling we’ll have at least one more round warm summer like days.  Way back when I first started riding to work I hated riding in the rain.  Now it doesn’t bother me.  I’ve found I would much rather feel the rain on my face than watch it bounce harmlessly of a car windshield.  This morning I arrived at work with my yellow rain cape flapping in the wind and my fellow corporate wage slaves looked at me with pity.  They don’t understand.  They buy bigger and bigger houses that are farther and farther away from work.  They spend hours a day stuck in traffic.  They spend thousands of dollars a year on their cars.  They think they’re living the American Dream.  And they pity me because I’m a little wet.

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