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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Both of my kids are pretty artistically talented. The tough part for me has been encouraging them to explore their artistic side without being overbearing. You see years ago I passed up the opportunity to go to art school. And when I say I passed up opportunity I mean there's no way in hell I could have paid for it. So after passing on art school I pretty much put up the pencils and brushes. I've always kind of regretted that and as I watch my kids develop as artists it's real tough for me not say every five minutes, "you should go to art school." I don't want to be the kind of parent that lives vicariously through their kids, although I suspect we all do to some degree, so I'm doing my best to let both my kids find their own way. Here's a little sample from my youngest. She says it's a scene from FLCL. Originally done in pencils, she scanned it and then inked and colored it in Photoshop.

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