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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Bicycle Riding Candidate for Governor

Unfortunately he’s not in Georgia


I was reading the Economist when my eyes were drawn to a photo of a man standing astride an Xtracycle. Rod Byran, an independent candidate for governor in Arkansas, is getting international press with his outsider campaign. Mr. Bryan believes that making it easier for people to ride bicycles would improve the quality of life, make everyone healthier, and lessen Arkansas's obesity rate.


John said...

Is Sonny's new commercial running up there? It features a quick cut montage of our governor doing all sorts of important things: Talking on cell phones, signing things, etc. Also shows a quick shot of what I presume is the Sonnymobile. Of course it's a huge SUV.

Evan said...

Yeah, I caught that the other day. This from the same guy who canceled school because of gas prices.