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Monday, October 01, 2012

The Gear Revival

One of the problems with Atlanta is that it's so spread out and composed of so many individual neighborhoods, it's hard to know about all the good spots. Well today I discovered a good spot. The Gear Revival is a neat little shop on Marietta Street on the westside of town. Now I don't get to this part of town very often but TGR is worth the trip. If you're the kind of person who loves outdoor activities, you'll love this store. Now I'll go ahead and warn you, this store isn't huge and it doesn't have everything under the sun, but it does have what you need. The proprietors have obviously spent time hiking, climbing, and biking because the store stocks the essentials and skips the crap. Stocking both new and lightly used equipment it's a great place if, like me, you have to live on a budget.

Oh yeah, they have bikes too. A really interesting selection of used bikes several of which I wanted to bring home with me. So make some time this weekend head over to the westside and visit Mitch or Jen at the Gear Revival, it's worth the trip. Don't believe me, maybe you'll believe Fox5!
The Gear Revival

 You might me wondering how I discovered TGR and what I got there. Don't worry all will be explained soon.

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