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Friday, October 03, 2008

New Office Location - Unbikeable?

So my office moved to a new location about eight miles further out. Here's the problem, the area is nigh unbikeable. Now I'm not one to make such a pronouncement lightly but even if I did the multi-modal thing and took MARTA to the Mansell park & ride, there's no good route from the park and ride to the office off Hembre. I'm very upset about this development. More details to come.


Jett said...

I had been working up past North Point Mall and yes, this isn't good cycling territory. The place was developed with motorized vehicles and only motorized vehicles in mind. I still remember office-mates going for a walk at lunch (about 18 laps around the asphalt parking lot).

It is so ironic that people move to the 'burbs to escape the congestion of the city, but end up creating a worse situation for themselves.

I was laid off from that job and remember the excitement of being able to spend some time to find a job where I could ride my bike to work. I haven't looked back.

csh8428 said...

Jett.. not totally true. The Alpharetta Greenway snakes its way through Alpharetta(very close to NP Pkwy at times) and goes all over the place. Northpoint Pkwy also has a bike path starting at corner of NP pkwy and Kimball Bridge heading North.

Evan.. where are you coming from?
I live off Kimball Bridge in between NP pkwy and Old Milton. I might be able to help you out.


Jett said...

That's great to hear. I was working up there about 8-9 years ago and it sounds like conditions have improved.

Evan said...

Craig, I live in Vinings so my plan was to ride to the Sandy Springs MARTA station, take that to North Springs, take the bus from North Springs to the Mansell park and ride and then on bike to my office off of Hembre near North Fulton MC. So I tried riding those roads and it was pretty awful. Mansell is treated like a road atlanta, there's construction on Old Roswell then narrow and dark, Hembre has construction, Haynes Bridge and North Point Parkway are just nuts. I thought I had it bad in cobb county but compared to those roads this is cycling Nirvana. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them because I hate driving