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Monday, October 29, 2007

Ride Review: Rottenwood Creek Multi-Use Trail

The Rottenwood Creek multi-use trail runs from the corner of Interstate North Parkway and Cumberland Boulevard to the Chattahoochee Palisades West Parking lot near Hwy 41 and Paces Mill Road. I rode it today and took some pictures.

The parking lot at Palisades West.

It runs right under I-75

There's lots of dog doo so you have to be on the look out.

Rottenwood Creek looks pristine here.

But don't let that fool you.

Hey here's a hill.

Evidently there's a dispute between the feds and Cobb County about who is responsible for trash pickup.

Under I-285

With graffiti

The parking lot at Cumberland Blvd & Interstate North.

So how was the ride? Short. It's actually not a bad way to skip riding on Cumberland Blvd and 41 in Cobb County as it dumps you right by the river. They seem to have built it as cheaply as possible, instead of the smooth concrete it's made of the rough stuff you see in the dog doo picture. But if you want to practice climbing a hill on a mup I'll doubt you'll find a better opportunity in Atlanta. One word of advice, unlike the Palisades West parking lot, there's no charge to park at Cumberland & Interstate North.


LongWindingRoad said...

I love this trail! I'm an avid bicycle commuter living in Buckhead and working in the 'greater' Vinings area. Ocassionally on my commute home I'll take the longer route which includes riding on this trail. The Chat Nat Rec Area is one of the best things going on in Atlanta and this trail opens up a wonderful slice of it. Check out the trout lilies along the path early this spring. They are beautimus!

By the way, the 'rough stuff' you refer to is actually not the cheap stuff. It pervious concrete which allows rain water to percolate through it which minimizes the erosion you typically get with traditional concrete trails. The Nat Park Service wisely insisted it be used on most of this trail. Score one for Uncle Sam...

dublinmark said...

I was just out walking, not riding, this with my 5yo. Its a great little trail. Considering we live in some form of a city they did a great job of keeping the user away form the roads. My 7yo and I were riding earlier in the day at the CRA by 285 there and it was crowded as all get go. the Rottenwood trail was nice and clear.

I will be going back for a ride any day now.