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Monday, July 23, 2007

Why You No Post?

Here's the deal. I've been off the bike since my last post. Riding along one day I felt an incredible pain in my ankle. Three doctor's visits have resulted in three different diagnosis quite frankly I think they have no clue. Oh, and I still can't ride. It's really getting old.

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Jett said...

What you probably want to do is find a doctor who'll get you to a physical therapist. Once you spend time with the physical therapist, they'll get it worked out.

Over her years playing soccer and running cross country, my daughter has had 3-4 misdiagnoses for various injuries, but came away with the referral to see a physical therapist. It was the PT -- who actually works with people -- who was able to find what was really wrong and figure out what exercises were needed. The doctor just makes sure there isn't a fracture; get in front of the PT as soon as you can. It doesn't hurt to ask the doctor for this.