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Monday, July 10, 2006

A good ride and around the cycling blog world

Saturday I had to run over to REI so instead of spending 15 minutes to drive there in the car I spent 45 minutes riding the bike.  Traffic was light and it wasn’t too warm so it had all the makings of a great ride.  I saw a few cyclists on Mt. Vernon Highway, I waved at joggers on Heards Ferry Road, I enjoyed being outside and exercising, in short I enjoyed everything that makes cycling such a great way to get around.  My only complaint was a section of Mt. Vernon where they had torn up the road for the construction of a new neighborhood, it was four hundred feet of grooves and being peppered by rocks.


Over at Oil is For Sissies, we have a great discussion about cul-de-sacs and what they mean to those of us who bicycle for transportation.  This is a real problem here in North Atlanta, it’s damn hard to find truly connected neighborhoods.


Interestingly enough Todd over at Clever Chimp touches on a similar theme.


At Two Cities Two Wheels Matt express frustration at being refused service at a drive-through while on his bike.  This has happened to me at Wendy’s but never at the bank.


Commute By Bike reviews Ergon Performance Grips.


Let’s Ride Year Round has a rainy Monday ride.




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