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Monday, April 17, 2006

The Tour

No not "the tour" but rather the Tour de Georgia which gets underway tomorrow.  Now I enjoy a good bike race as much as anyone but what really bugs me about the Tour de Georgia is its name.  You see we don't have sizable French speaking population in Georgia and there aren't a lot of historical ties between Georgia and France.  So why do we call it the Tour 'de' Georgia instead of the Tour of Georgia. 


Now if I were running the Tour of Georgia, I would make a couple of small changes.  First I would make Savannah its permanent starting place.  Savannah is a great old colonial city and was the first city founded in Georgia.  Heck they even have cobblestone streets and everyone loves to race on cobblestones.  Next I would add a stage to make the race a 7 day affair.  Finally every year the race should end in Atlanta so I don't have to travel that far.

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